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Just a spectacular night view of the WW I+II memorial.

From Wikipedia: “Minnehallen or The hall of remembrance was commissioned by the Norwegian parliament after World War I to commemorate the fallen Norwegian sailors of the war. It was unveiled by king Haakon VII and was later converted to the national monument commemorating fallen sailors of both World War I and World War II.”

risor at night

I have not much to say about this one… it represents the quiet that this vast country has to offer. Nothing to hear at this time of the day (night) – only the nearby gulls didn’t stop to shrieking all night. Mating season… I guess.

cabins at night

Although, we were below the polar circle the big light never went out. This shot was taken at 10:45pm and the sky still looks like the sun just went down. I rather will not be there in winter, when it is only up for a few lousy hours.

golden sea

That evening presented us a spectacular sundown, that we witnessed from our terrace; compensation for the rain on to top of Preikestolen. At this moment, the sun just came through that little hole in the clouds and hit that fairy. I was expecting it to be beamed away…. too much SciFi…

Sheeps everywhere

Along the road we had a little break at beautiful sea. Sheeps normaly don’t swim and this one didn’ t go any further into the water, but they can: sheep swimming

no man's land

On the fairy over Bjørnafjorden you pass this little no man’s land. Great weather, wind and sun… pure pleassure.

stand by me

We reached Grimmen Camping near Bergen at around 3pm. As we would visit Bergen the other day we dropped our luggage, put on our hiking boots and took a path right beside the camping. After 2 hours of marching around, we came across that tunnel. Right before we left germany, Stand by me was on TV and those images of the four boys crossing that railway bridge when the train comes after them came to my mind. Ok, we got a tunnel, but the descicion to step inside was about the same. Here’s the scene, bye the way

water everywhere

Shortly before Sørfjorden that is known to be one of the fertile regions of Norway, because of the fjord following a north/south axis boosting a decent climate, we pitched our camp at Hildalcamping. Accompanied by the giant waterfall right across theE13, the concierge from the camping site told us of another waterfall, along the ancient Almannavegen, that started right behind the our cabin. This waterfall was one of the loveliest, along the way. Although not as big, as the others, it was nested in an seeminly unspoiled part of the woods.

godtholstjønn – no mans land

Half way along the E134 towards Bergen, we passed higher regions and reached Godtholstjønn – a little frosty, tundra like landscape. It is hard to capture this bizarre surrouundings in pictures. I made a panoramashot, but it still can’t transport that seldom feeling, standing in a totaly strange country, only wearing a t-shirt and with the feeds down in the snow. On this one, Nadine has found a great place to rest her mind and enjoy that very feeling.


The next day, we left Hirthals, aboard the Color Line Fairy “Speed2”, although the strom was still present. Big swell and winds up to 9 beaufort complicated these shots from of Hirtshals prot entrance taken on the ferries deck.

2008 – two years to go….

Kudos to Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke and their fabulous Space Odyssey. I always loved this movie and the giant, black, scary monolith. Here his my homage to the 2010 ending, although my monolith is white and actually functions as shower. Took this shot while witnessing the big storm in Cuxhaven earlier this month.

silver sea

Silver sea… again one from the Sylt holiday.

double power

Two power sources side by side. One is responsible for all life on our planet, the other one provides you means to view this blog and on the other hand is the one that is most dangerous when it comes to radiation and polution.

Mr. Moon

“…Another peace or so and now they don’t need you,
Mr Moon, Mr Moon, Mr Mooooooooooooon. …” – Mr. Moon – Mando Diao

The nice moon over Eggberge. He lit me my way back when returning quite drunken from a late night excursion. I still wonder how I could keep the cam straight without too much tiltiing as I had no tripod.

magic moment

Another one from that evening where weather was going nuts. Global warming seems to be not so bad, it just depends on the point of view.

ghoulish tree

Weather was totaly changing the whole day. Sun, thunderstorms and heavy wind. Never the less I took my chances and took my bike and cam and went out. Scenery didn’t let me down and good old sun shad some dramatic lighting over this evil willowtree.

solitary tree

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…” (One – Filter)

sea of grain

Living in the city, you normaly don’t see much of the horizon. Whenever I am at the sea, that very horizon shows me, where my position in this cosmos is, how unimportant our whole race is and how small and stupid we all are… here it is the mighty horizon reaching over a sea of grain. Just a few minutes after that shot, we had a nice shower from above.


Even in Offenbach you can have some spectecular sundown. You will have to search for a good spot, but than…
This one was shot at Offenbach Ost trainstation (obviously).

spring is comming to town

It was raining all day long and suddenly the clouds opened up and sun send its rays, leaving every drop a spectacular prism. I stumbled outdoors and took this one right on my doorstep. The sensor inside my D50 overloaded because of false settings and where you see the sunspot right now a bold white strip was reaching from top to bottom. Due to heavy-happy photoshopping it is gone now.

R.I.P. along the sea

Old seamen cemetery, right by the seaside at Saint Michelle en Gréve, France. We arrived after driving for about 13 hours. Just dropped the luggage at our house and went down to the next beach we could find. Old men resting their bones where as the younger once risking theirs via kitesurfing

alien on the meaddow

Every year the Budosola – Budocan summer camp is held in Flüelen, Switzerland – 1400m above sealevel. This year it was more like holliday and so I got up pretty early and wandered the meadows for some nice pictures.

jack, where are you?

Nadine and me spent a couple of days in Potsdam. It was pretty cold and we stayed at my cousines flat, where we had to fire up an old charring furnace with coal from the basement. The last day we spent wandering trough shopping mile and sun went down and snow set in… …Mr. J.Ripper would you please step out of the dark?


We went to Iceland in order to attend Holger & Mias wedding. We stayed at Red Erics place which was right across the street from Hallgrimskirkaja. The first two days we had dense fog…