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beauty goose

Beauty shot of a Canadian goose – not quite a duck face, 🙂 I like them much better than the Egyptian goose that flood our seas and rivers over the last years. Wonder if this is due to the fact that they are loud an pushy, tend to embark on the other water birds and are loud, where as its Canadian counterpart is gentle and seldom aggressive, though losing its habitat to the “stronger” fellows. This is a problem I am still struggling with my own kids: Shall I raise them to be reserved, generous and helpful in any way and probably get run over and pushed aside by the rude other ones that just don’t care about others or should I tell them to go bully and grab what they want? Guess the truth is that even if I opt for the latter I couldn’t pull it off as I was raised the polite way. At the moment it seems a little outdated but I hope for the long term effect….

black-crested gibbon

This gibbon is part of a family living Zürich zoo. Love to watch them swing through their territory – soooo fast and with such ease – just elegant. They are monogam and defend their territory against threats, which renders them one of the big loser species that really suffer under the vanishing rain forest.

clouds, cow and shed

On our typical hiking day, we had exceptional good weather. Sun was up, sky was blue, temperature was almost too high, but the site was so beautifull… just look.

Bedruthan Steps #2

I was really happy that the weather was not so good. What would that picture look like with no clouds in the sky? Not like much… 😉

Headland Hotel

First day in the new world… or better the old world. This is Headland Hotel, which opened around 1900 and as we found out later, seemed not have changed that much during all those years. Impressive building at and impressive spot. The brits know how to do it….



I really feel kind of lucky to have natrure around me, and even parks that are nearby and are build very well. Together with Claus and Michael I went to the “Alte Fasanerie”, an ancient park near Hanau. It was a bright day and all the animals seem to enjoy it even more than we did. Here’s a youg moose posing in the bright midday sun.


A small trip to the Grünen Seen (green lakes) last weeked to catch some fresh air. The sun had dissapeared for… well I don’t know excatly, but it felt like forever…. and now it was out the first day. Till we reached the lake, it already was about to vanish again, but none the less, I caught some swans going after their business in the partly frozen lake. Like the composition and texture of of this, so I share it with you.

last night at the sea

Last evening on the island and the weather hat really been nice that day, invoking an instant sunbrun throughout the day. It also was the last night for the German football team at the WM and so the beach was empty, just us, water, wind and a few people in the distance. A nice last evening.

R.I.P. Lutzi

She was always there – the whole 13 years. She was one of the best friends we had and she was a big part of our family. Today the cancer won and we had to go and see the doctor for a final visit. Now there is a huge emtpy spot on our sofa and in our hearts. We had to let go and we hope that our poor little friend is now in doggy heaven. We miss you Lutzi! I hope you are now at a better place, without pain…. peace!

say wooof

I can only guess what the dog is thinking at this very moment. What do you think?

anti warbird

Down at Battery Park, right where the ferry starts off, you will find this huge statue which is the central part of the East Coast War Memorial. Black and white once more… it just fits.

freedom, or so

I was asked to help our Nike away team to join them on their mission to brush up Rucker Park, Harlem, NY for the Nike World Basketball Expo. Sure thing I went and while the show finally started on friday, me and a colleague Björn went sightseeing. We caught the ferry at Battery Park last minute and had perfect weather to visit the old lady at the harbor entrance. I don’t know why, but pictures of New York have to be black and white, don’t they?

fly like an egyptian

Egyptian gooses are common place right now. A couple of years they where seldom guests in germany, but due to warm winters and the clima shift in general, they are everywhere to be seen. The bad thing about them is that they drive the old inhabitans of like the normal ducks out off their habitats…. well, where did I hear this already… ahh yes, the squirrels. Same here. World is changing constantly – mostly due to our intermission.

chimp blues

Winter is almost here. Not the best time to visit the Frankfurt Zoo, but I was keen on the new “Borgori Wald” – the all new ape residence. Looks like it is a full success. Compared to the previous narrow cages this is a real winner. A littel drawback for all photographing people: dirty, scratched glaswalls instead of ironbars. You have to find your spot, take some time and better use a polarising filter to get rid of the reflections… I had none and this chimp still got the blues, although living in a great resort now.

strung out

Today Dexter arrived – our new family member. Lutzi, our old Jack Russel Lady wasn’t taking it too easy, as she had been all alone and was always in the spotlight. Dexter is young and first contact had been made. We’ll have to make sure that Lutzi won’t feel second best and than everything will work out. At the moment the old lady sulks a bit…

barking at the sun

May I introduce you to Lutzi, our little Jack Russel Terrier. Shes quite an old lady by now, but non the less she kept her temperament and is still very agile. Here she’s trying to catch a fly.

lucky place to be

Our trip to Berlin was great and we strolled the streets alot. Passing this shop with the headless bear in front of it and a sticker on the showcase saying “lucky place to be”…. that’s Berlin!

young hering gull

A little experiment taking this gull into the dark. The Idea is not from me, though. German PROFIFOTO Mag featured the work of Stefanie Müller (haven’t got the mag and this is quite a usual name in Germany, so no link here, sorry), who took animal portraits out of the context, namely their surrounding and put it into dim light. I was flashed by those images and tried it myself. So here’s my first attempt, using a young hering gull that I shot this summer on Sylt. The image wasn’t that sharp which keeps it from getting that brilliant look I aimed for. I’ll keep trying.


… he won’t find any marlin along the shore of Sylt, but I guess he knew that. A feeling of loneliness and infinty the clouds where so low that you could only see a few meters ahead, blanking out the Wattenmeer and the vis-a-vis mainland.


Winter is comming and everybody is trying to stay at home. I was fed up with the warm, dry heat from the heating and wanted to get my head clear. Andi an me took a little walk in our bario. Here’s the Friedrichsweiher at night. Black and white rules big time.

road to nowhere

Fog, so dense that you couldn’t see 20 feet ahead. Jürgen and me had a little beer in the fields of Bieber. The last shots I took were from the bridge over the B448.


The next day, we left Hirthals, aboard the Color Line Fairy “Speed2”, although the strom was still present. Big swell and winds up to 9 beaufort complicated these shots from of Hirtshals prot entrance taken on the ferries deck.

close bonds

Zoo Frankfurt is always worth a visit, although the idea of locking up animals in small cages is not what I would call good. None the less, it is still a place I like to go and at least support the zoo with my entrance fee. This orang utan mother and its baby were both in one cage, with no fences between them. I just removed some of the bars to make it more dramatic. Did you know that urang utan is the Indonesian word for forrest people? (orang = person, utan = forest) And indeed they are. Let’s hope the all new “Bonoboland” arrea gets ready soon so that those two get back on trees, where they usualy spent most of their time.