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We really enjoyed the nature, the slow pulse of France everything and so did the animals as well. A stork visited the crane and… nothing happend. Looks like they seem to have enough food around to not go wild on each other.

who’s controlling who?

At the risk of getting you bored by all these dragonfly pictures that lately come up here… just one more. This couple was one of many at a river in Cromartin/France. Sadly the upper one shifted out of focus. Did I mention that I need to get macro? I could swear, I told you that before… 😉

blue sky, dull pegs

I found those pegs haning in front of this great blue sky….

guardian dog

On the weekly market in Ploumilliau/France I found this “tiny” dog gurading entrance of a pub. Watch out! If anyone knows what race this one belongs to, please drop me a comment.

R.I.P. along the sea

Old seamen cemetery, right by the seaside at Saint Michelle en Gréve, France. We arrived after driving for about 13 hours. Just dropped the luggage at our house and went down to the next beach we could find. Old men resting their bones where as the younger once risking theirs via kitesurfing