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Together with a bunch of friends, we spent Sylvester in the Netherlands. Although our house at Lemleveld was about an hour away from the next coast, we were all atracted to the sea and so we visited the small town Urk at the coast of Ijsselmeer. Water has something to it that makes people want more, even in winter, when like at this time the dark clouds swalloed the sun.


… he won’t find any marlin along the shore of Sylt, but I guess he knew that. A feeling of loneliness and infinty the clouds where so low that you could only see a few meters ahead, blanking out the Wattenmeer and the vis-a-vis mainland.

Sheeps everywhere

Along the road we had a little break at beautiful sea. Sheeps normaly don’t swim and this one didn’ t go any further into the water, but they can: sheep swimming

silver sea

Silver sea… again one from the Sylt holiday.

R.I.P. along the sea

Old seamen cemetery, right by the seaside at Saint Michelle en Gréve, France. We arrived after driving for about 13 hours. Just dropped the luggage at our house and went down to the next beach we could find. Old men resting their bones where as the younger once risking theirs via kitesurfing