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R.I.P. grandpa

There is a saying within my family: When death comes around he will pick three of us. How right that saying is we all got to know when grandpa died last month, being number three after my cousins grandma and Lutzi. Ninetysix years is a big number and he made his peace with the circumstances, knowing that he won’t carry on – but the fact remains: Death just hurts for the rest of us, even if we could say good bye. I hope that you and granny are reunited and have a good time now. R.I.P. grandpa. Picture was taken one and half year ago, when he turned 95 and grandma was gone already. He was so brave and carried on as good as he could, not showing any laxity in his routine and always with humor… just carrying on as life came along. Big rolemodel…

say wooof

I can only guess what the dog is thinking at this very moment. What do you think?


Ok, ok… calm down… it is Michael Air Jordan and thanks to my all access batch I got really close to him. He payed a visit to Nikes World Basketball Expo at Rucker Park, NY and man, this guy has a presence – almost a force field – around him. Go Micheal!

NY life

It is a common fact that the more the climate changes during the year on you homespot, the more you spent inside the house, whereas in countries where the temperatures stay on a certain high, people are mostly outside the house. New York seemed to be different…. but maybe it is due to the fact that there live so many people that you can see them in the streets, all the time.


Oli rang me up the other day and was pretty excited: “Man! I have an idea for a shoot”. A couple of LEDs, a lonly skatepark far off, darkness, my good old SB800 – that I haven’t used for ages – et voilá…. looks easy, doesn’t it?. Actually, this was one of the later shots. Oli had to get used to the dim light and I had to trigger my flash at the right time. Not easy at all and happily no bails at all, and so sometimes the magic happens….

sandy queen

Last day of our 4 day trip to Bergen ann Zee / Netherland and one day after Oranie lost the WM. Some little girl had dropped their stuff on the caffees porch and I couln’t resist. This stillife was too good to be true. I would have granted the title to the Netherlands… next time.

out of the sun

“…We’ll suspend the storms and the clouds in sight. Of an endless summer. An endless summer. An endless summer to be home. Let me go, wasting time, let me go waste my time…” (Endless Summer – Zwan)


One week off… finally. My whole family went to Bredene/Beligum for a little recreation. In nearby Oostende was an oldtimer ralley/festival and I couldn’t resist to take some snapshots. This very day the motorcycles seem to be on the list. Now I wonder who’s older… the riders or the bikes. More pictures on my Flickr account.


This is another one from our trip to Berlin. Two ladies chilling, enjoying the first warm sun beams of the year. Lazy me totally missed the blooming season. As soon as my bike is fixed, I am out again and will post new stuff… promissed.


… he won’t find any marlin along the shore of Sylt, but I guess he knew that. A feeling of loneliness and infinty the clouds where so low that you could only see a few meters ahead, blanking out the Wattenmeer and the vis-a-vis mainland.

vert heroes

I just dug out some pictures that I shot earlier this year. A friend of mine gave me a call and asked to join him and his friends skating a nice spine ramp that is quite near from my working place. We were lucky that I had my cam with me, that day. Weather was great, considering it was march. When the session was almost over, all teamed up on the spine and this picture was taken… three heroes

mad sorcerer

Halloween is long gone, but anyway I wanted to present you my contribution. Some weeks ago we attended a so called “Mittelaltermarkt” (medieval market) at Ronneburg, where people dress up and emulate the ancient habits from the dark ages. This guy ran around in long rags, wearing stilts and reaching a hight of about 2,50m. He was very impressive, but judge for yourself…