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They are everywhere along the rocky shores of La Plama. Shy and fast are two of their characteristics that make them somehow hard to photograph. Gotcha!

heure bleu

Every evening we were swept away by unbelievable sundowns. The blue hour was the time when La Palma showed its magic.


Winter is comming and everybody is trying to stay at home. I was fed up with the warm, dry heat from the heating and wanted to get my head clear. Andi an me took a little walk in our bario. Here’s the Friedrichsweiher at night. Black and white rules big time.

ghoulish tree

Weather was totaly changing the whole day. Sun, thunderstorms and heavy wind. Never the less I took my chances and took my bike and cam and went out. Scenery didn’t let me down and good old sun shad some dramatic lighting over this evil willowtree.

solitary tree

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…” (One – Filter)

bussy bees

Last two days weather picked up and my new tele lens arived. I walked through our garden, and right below the willow tree the air was full of a bold “hmmmmmm”. As I looked up I saw hundreds of bees busy to get their first feast of the year.