new years seal

new years seal

After two years of absence we finally managed to return to an old habit to spent New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands, together with friends. Today went for a nice little walk along the beach and were observed by this little seal. Guess he just wanted to wish you all a happy and delightful new year – so do I. Happy new year!

ghoulish tree

Weather was totaly changing the whole day. Sun, thunderstorms and heavy wind. Never the less I took my chances and took my bike and cam and went out. Scenery didn’t let me down and good old sun shad some dramatic lighting over this evil willowtree.

sea of grain

Living in the city, you normaly don’t see much of the horizon. Whenever I am at the sea, that very horizon shows me, where my position in this cosmos is, how unimportant our whole race is and how small and stupid we all are… here it is the mighty horizon reaching over a sea of grain. Just a few minutes after that shot, we had a nice shower from above.

poppy in bloom

Poppy flowers all over the place. You can see them out on the fields and almost on evrey photoblog that has some nature pictures in its arsenal – here is mine. A little bit crumpled, but hey, at least its got all its leaves on.