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Really… time is a missing factor these days and photography has taken a beackseat, or at least the post has to wait. This one is from last years visit to La Palma. On top the Roque de los Muchachos we had plain sun, slight clouds and than this halo appeared. Now I know when people talk about having visions… this occurrence is by no means only visible on the picture. You can witness it right at spot. Amen!


There were two docks in Urk and when we passed the latter we had a fabulous sundown. I couldn’t resist and take this shot, as it reflects all that I learned about Urk that day.

say wooof

I can only guess what the dog is thinking at this very moment. What do you think?


Together with a bunch of friends, we spent Sylvester in the Netherlands. Although our house at Lemleveld was about an hour away from the next coast, we were all atracted to the sea and so we visited the small town Urk at the coast of Ijsselmeer. Water has something to it that makes people want more, even in winter, when like at this time the dark clouds swalloed the sun.

just the two

Last year I thought I was lucky when I shot a dragonfly in midair, but it turned out that Karins pool is THE spot to witness more happenings in the lifeof dragonflies. There were constant fights about the territory – two male insects doing unbelievable maneuvers over the pool. Here you can see a couple on the way to the oviposition. I got more shots that are a tuck sharper, but I like the female insect touch the watersurface. And, did I mention that I have to get a macro lens? This was shot with my 500mm…..

barbed wire

One of the features that I really do like about the north of Germany is the vast space: fields everywhere, meaddows and many areas with less human beings. As a consequence of this you can see animals all day long, not worrying much about your presence. Those swallows took a rest on a nearby barbwire. I like the contrast between these little birds, soft and swift in their appearance and movement and the harsh military fence, that stands for the excact opposite.

mindnight surf

Stormy night in Karlsminde, where we spent one week. The clouds where chased along by the wind and the moon showed up every time it found a hole to peak through.

anti warbird

Down at Battery Park, right where the ferry starts off, you will find this huge statue which is the central part of the East Coast War Memorial. Black and white once more… it just fits.

freedom, or so

I was asked to help our Nike away team to join them on their mission to brush up Rucker Park, Harlem, NY for the Nike World Basketball Expo. Sure thing I went and while the show finally started on friday, me and a colleague Björn went sightseeing. We caught the ferry at Battery Park last minute and had perfect weather to visit the old lady at the harbor entrance. I don’t know why, but pictures of New York have to be black and white, don’t they?

NY life

It is a common fact that the more the climate changes during the year on you homespot, the more you spent inside the house, whereas in countries where the temperatures stay on a certain high, people are mostly outside the house. New York seemed to be different…. but maybe it is due to the fact that there live so many people that you can see them in the streets, all the time.

2008 – two years to go….

Kudos to Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke and their fabulous Space Odyssey. I always loved this movie and the giant, black, scary monolith. Here his my homage to the 2010 ending, although my monolith is white and actually functions as shower. Took this shot while witnessing the big storm in Cuxhaven earlier this month.