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promissed land

It was my second time that I went up that hill to attend the 2012 Shaolin Mountain Retreat and although I had been there almost eveery year since 2003 it is something different with the Kung-Fu brothers and sisters. The energy is there and this sundown, at the first evening, mirrored the nice days to come.

delawella beach

Listed as one of the ten moste beautifull beaches of the world and we found it… by accident. One of the most relaxing stays of the whole trip an one of the finest places.


There were two docks in Urk and when we passed the latter we had a fabulous sundown. I couldn’t resist and take this shot, as it reflects all that I learned about Urk that day.

pure harmony

An old saying goes: Red Sky at night, shepherds delight. Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning. In fact the red light is the result of particles in the higher regions of our atmosphere. When the sun sets low the photons hit the particles and mostly the blue part is held back resulting in such beauty. Shot at a one week stay in Bredene/Belgium.

room with a view 2

Next one shot from the terrace. Sun, clouds, wind, rain, thunderstorms, we had it all in the few days…

magic moment

Another one from that evening where weather was going nuts. Global warming seems to be not so bad, it just depends on the point of view.

solitary tree

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…” (One – Filter)

hafen 2

The old harbor crane right at Hafen 2. Sundown, this heavy, old, beasty machine and a cool beer in my hand. Perfect!


Even in Offenbach you can have some spectecular sundown. You will have to search for a good spot, but than…
This one was shot at Offenbach Ost trainstation (obviously).

jack, where are you?

Nadine and me spent a couple of days in Potsdam. It was pretty cold and we stayed at my cousines flat, where we had to fire up an old charring furnace with coal from the basement. The last day we spent wandering trough shopping mile and sun went down and snow set in… …Mr. J.Ripper would you please step out of the dark?