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Be water!

It is a fixed rite for all animals that they practice body care. In swimming poultry, it is even fundamentally important that the fat from the gland specifically designed for this purpose is incorporated into the feathers. Because without this treatment they would simply perish. This Canada goose was bathing and kept diving head first into the water and letting it run down her back. Caught just as she lifted her head and the water was still running all over.


We really enjoyed the nature, the slow pulse of France everything and so did the animals as well. A stork visited the crane and… nothing happend. Looks like they seem to have enough food around to not go wild on each other.

water everywhere

Shortly before Sørfjorden that is known to be one of the fertile regions of Norway, because of the fjord following a north/south axis boosting a decent climate, we pitched our camp at Hildalcamping. Accompanied by the giant waterfall right across theE13, the concierge from the camping site told us of another waterfall, along the ancient Almannavegen, that started right behind the our cabin. This waterfall was one of the loveliest, along the way. Although not as big, as the others, it was nested in an seeminly unspoiled part of the woods.

spring is comming to town

It was raining all day long and suddenly the clouds opened up and sun send its rays, leaving every drop a spectacular prism. I stumbled outdoors and took this one right on my doorstep. The sensor inside my D50 overloaded because of false settings and where you see the sunspot right now a bold white strip was reaching from top to bottom. Due to heavy-happy photoshopping it is gone now.

mirror, mirror

Where are my feet? Liked the reflection and so does this little waterbird. Found at Hyde Park, London.