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Phillack morning

Well, what can you say, when you wake up and this is the view from your chalet’s balcony. Not much more that you would need, right. Right!

Chapel of St. Nicholas

At the formost outer spot of St. Ives lies the Chapel of St. Nicholas. It was restored a couple of times and houses a littel museum.


St.Ives is very touristic and around the harbour you find a lot of food shops, cafes and bars, where you can sit and eat or take away your favs. Also you will find many seagulls that team up in gangs. One or two start pulling the attention towards them and a third fleis by and steals your meal. We withnessed it a couple of times, while sitting in a restaurant…. under the sunroof, off course.

Pattern in Penzance

If you head out of Penzance towards Marazion to see St. Michaels Mount, you come along this view.

Porthkidney Beach

Today our second week of our Cronwall trip started. We had to move from Newquy to Phillack, where we rented a littel chalet in a park. There are no busses that go up here and so we had to walk the 1.4 miles from Hayle to here. Once again a rough ride along sections of the south-west coast path with all our luggage, push chair and backpacks. The first casualty was my new Dakine rollcase, that got shredded on the rough underground… big torture for Marie. More than three hours on the bus and then in the push chair, all the way up here. Now that we are here, in absolutely the beatifulst chalet in the whole park, we can enjoy our view through the big windows straigt over to Porthkidney Beach and the peninsula of St. Ives in the back. Wind is very hefty and so the clouds are in constant movement and the sight changes from second to dsecond casting one perfect picture after anohter. Love it!

[exif id=”670″]

Bedruthan Steps #2

I was really happy that the weather was not so good. What would that picture look like with no clouds in the sky? Not like much… 😉

Bedruthan Steps

We finally reached the steps. This time we took the bus and the weather was still not good, but who needs sunshine, when you can stroll around a landsacpe like this. I exspected some dinosaurs to show up any minute.

starling posing

There are so many different bird species but when it comes to food, you can devide them up into two categories. The ones that vanish as soon as you appear and those that approach you when you have something to eat. Starlings belong to the latter kind.

River Gannel

On the other side – southward – is the river Gannel. At low tide there is not much water left, and everybody and his dog shows up for a walk in this great landscape. We were fascinated and came back more times.

Have you ever seen the rain

We went for a walk… for a long walk actually. Our goal was to hike from Newquay to the Bedruthan Steps. According to some obscure webiste it should have been about only 5.5 miles. First mistake was the tiny difference between miles and kilometers, and the second that we did not looked for another website. Half way towards Mawgan Porth the rain came after us, and got us. Bakholiday was the third mistake, as the busses home won’t go on that day, but that’s another story.

Headland Hotel

First day in the new world… or better the old world. This is Headland Hotel, which opened around 1900 and as we found out later, seemed not have changed that much during all those years. Impressive building at and impressive spot. The brits know how to do it….