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Well not quite the right zenith, but a dead-center composition non the less. Can you feel the warmth? Now I strangely feel like having a beer… cheers.

big wader

…or “großer Brachvogel” as this one is called. Shot at the Zuiderzeewerke/Ijselmeer/Netherlands. A great day, with great animals. Enjoy!

promissed land

It was my second time that I went up that hill to attend the 2012 Shaolin Mountain Retreat and although I had been there almost eveery year since 2003 it is something different with the Kung-Fu brothers and sisters. The energy is there and this sundown, at the first evening, mirrored the nice days to come.

last night at the sea

Last evening on the island and the weather hat really been nice that day, invoking an instant sunbrun throughout the day. It also was the last night for the German football team at the WM and so the beach was empty, just us, water, wind and a few people in the distance. A nice last evening.

morsum burning red

Completly overcast, when a suddenly a small slit openend up behind us and let the sun through, rendering Hörnung and parts of Keitum in this magic lighting. Hard to capture and I did mostly fail to ban the modd on the chip.

tiger moth baby

Yes… this caterpillar is actually a moth baby and was about 10cm long. We found it the meadows between Munkmarsch and Kaitum, along with many others. Brauner Bär (brown bear) is the German name and I think it fits quite well.

kite fight

Our last stop of our trip was in Goa. Right the first day, when we arrived and stepped out of the airport I noticed flock of huge birds in the sky and they where everywhere else to be found as well but in Goa I finally had the time to sneak by and take some shots; not without fretting about leaving my big lens in Germany. Anyway here you can see two young black kites practicing some dogfight maneuvers.


Our second day in Hampi we descided to shift back one gear and have a relaxing day by strolling around, visiting the places we missed the day before and stay longe in one spot. First animal of the day that we noticed was this hoopoe, passing us by couple of times at top of the virupaksha temple. Nice catch, isn’t it?

bangalore bear massacre

Not to give you a false impression of the trip: the cities are hard to stand and I coulnd’t bear any longer than a couple of hours, before I got fed up with all the noise and dirt. Looks like some bear in downtown of Bangalore didn’t make it on time and put an end to its existance.

macaque #3

He was the most curious of the bunch. He came down the tree and sat a few meters away from us.

New macaque

Here we got a tiny macaque, a new one, if you will, staring after his pears who where bussy breaking a jack fruit.

Toque macaque

The old world monkey, as it is calssified. Our first day in Kandy we went to the botanical garden and althoug quite impressive it was the monkeys that cought my eye. After one of the elders tried to ripp of our bananas from Nadines bag, we choose to follow them to their spot. After a couple of minutes they almost ingnored us and we could observe them quite well. This one reminds me somehow of Bob Marley…

Indian Woodpecker

You could find woodpeckers all over the world. There are about 200 known species and non the less, I was surprised to find it in the Indian jungle. The best part about it is that indian birds are not shy at all. So I could get quite close and som decent shots. Not that it uses its tail as tripod… a camera and we would probably be really good friends.


…or green p, as they are called by the natives. It is not very shy, rather curious and so you find it flying around you almost everywhere. Mostly they tend to seat on a low tree or cable and catching insects out of the air. Green-Bee-eater, so hi sofficial name in the rest of the world.

delawella beach

Listed as one of the ten moste beautifull beaches of the world and we found it… by accident. One of the most relaxing stays of the whole trip an one of the finest places.


Despite beeing a very tasty beer of India (and an Airlines as well) they are to be found everywhere. Very, very shy, I had to improve my sneak up techniques. In the end I found this guy who was not so shy at all.



Half fish, half reptile they are somhow arkward creatures. They can breath through their skin as well ais their mouth, depending if they are in the water or on land. This cutaneous air breathing functions much like a skubadivers system. However their gills have to stay wet and so you mostly find them on the rocks along the shore. Flexing their body they can jump uo to 60cm in one leap. Be sure to stay calm and do not move when you want to observe them – their eyes are really good.

old varanus

On our second day in Hikkaduwa/ Sri Lanka, Santa took us to a nearby lagoon and the first animal we met, was this old, big varanus, about 2m long and really looking hazardous. They are known to be very clever and can count up to number six, which is quite big thing for animals from the times of dinosaurs. Now I am frightened.