lucky place to be

lucky place to be

Our trip to Berlin was great and we strolled the streets alot. Passing this shop with the headless bear in front of it and a sticker on the showcase saying “lucky place to be”…. that’s Berlin!


  1. jelb · April 28, 2009 Reply

    Nice compositions and tones ..Good photoblog..Bravo!

  2. Ilan · May 3, 2009 Reply

    Excellent photo!
    Very nicely seen and captured.
    Wonderful photoblog you have here 🙂

  3. Ilan · May 15, 2009 Reply

    The crowd demands more photos! 🙂

  4. falk · May 17, 2009 Reply

    @Ilan: Right! Works hard right now and all my sparetime is eaten up. But you are definately right.

    @all: Thanks for your cheering comments

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