Porthkidney Beach

Today our second week of our Cronwall trip started. We had to move from Newquy to Phillack, where we rented a littel chalet in a park. There are no busses that go up here and so we had to walk the 1.4 miles from Hayle to here. Once again a rough ride along sections of the south-west coast path with all our luggage, push chair and backpacks. The first casualty was my new Dakine rollcase, that got shredded on the rough underground… big torture for Marie. More than three hours on the bus and then in the push chair, all the way up here. Now that we are here, in absolutely the beatifulst chalet in the whole park, we can enjoy our view through the big windows straigt over to Porthkidney Beach and the peninsula of St. Ives in the back. Wind is very hefty and so the clouds are in constant movement and the sight changes from second to dsecond casting one perfect picture after anohter. Love it!

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