Light my LCD

It is not a good sign when I look things over and over again and again and don’t find any bugs. Not that I have trouble to keep the few things in my head, no, now I really suffer from concentration deficits and that is a big indicator for an overdue holiday. Why you ask? I ordered a new Roboduino from China. I couldn’t track any bug and logical solution seemed to order a new one to sort out potential failures on the board.

My inital test with the mutli-color LED failed right away and so I gave it a shot with LCD. Heureka! The LCD works as it is supposed to, showing a “hello world!” and counting the seconds. Mhhh… so why does the LED still not work. Maybe I am too blind to see. So I put the LCD back to the old roboduino and voila, it works too. It looks like I mixed cables or something… anyway, I found a nice little example of how to create custom charactrers on the LCD and made pixeled the Omnibotlogo. Here’s the link to the tutorial.

LCD check: go… LED check: no go… too stupid to wire three four cables in the right order. I really need some days off…

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  1. falk says:

    Hey there. Sure you are free to quote (and off course link) and link to this, as you like. I am a little oldfashioned and rather concider my blog as a kind of log for the stuff I am up to… hence, I don’t post everyday (obvious!) and check the comments pretty late… got only spam during the first year. Twitter … well I have not opened this door yet… will have to check it out any time soon, but writing these few articles is often more time than I can spare.

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