Bad luck

Bad news, everyone. All parts arrived, even the lost LCD was found in the post office. I came right on time before it got send back to Poland.

Taking the first steps with my Roboduino was real fun. I strated with the simple LED Demo and worked my way up till I got one RGB LED blinking through all the colors of the rainbow and even fading was easy. Next up was the LCD. I did all the soldering but before exposing it to the wrong current I wanted to messure the pins. Not a big thing, but I was a little too shaky that morning and made a short circuit.

roboduino with blue lit LED

My beautifully colorcycling LED went out, my Mac stated that the USB Device had been removed improperly and I was cursing. A quick reflash of the original demo that blinks the onboard LED showed, that flashing and some circuits still seemed to work. But neither could I get the LCD nor the RGB LED to work again properly. The absolute electronics noob got busted!

At first, I thought it would be the the regulator that went bust, but the more I test around it seems to be the processor itself that has some flaws with the PWM pins now. Pulsing works but my former setup and code just isn’t. Learning by burning is always a hard lesson.

I keep my fingers crossed that I am just too muddled to see the bug and so should you. If I will have to order another Roboduino from China, I will probably have no time when it arrives. Let’s just hope and enjoy the sun…

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