Hey. I’m Falk.

Computers, computers, computers… ahh, there is more… photography, martial arts and my family of course.

Computers take up the major part of my life and I collected everything that has to do with’em, right when I got my C64, back in 1986. The last seven years, I have been a member of the Digital Retro Park Team (acutally founded it) and stuck my head even deeper in the matter of computer history and most of my projects deal with recreating the experiences from the old days.

Besides all things digital I grew up with a garden, sandbox, dirt and hiking trips. Dipping my feet into nature photography, brought back the other side of me and trained my eyes not to only to count pixels. See the otehr blog… cahoonah.com

Tinkering with stuff and finding out how things work has always been me. So putting cahoonah on the map of the world wide web is just another “can I do this” thing, that I started quite early on. Around 1997, while still studying, I stuck my head into Dreamweaver and the brand new Flash, went on and took a look at Typo3 and ended up with WordPress. Considering this page as just another of too many of my projects, it gets updated not very often and mostly lost its edge to facebook.

Nontheless this is kind of my digital diary, where I keep track of the things I do. Sharing thing online has the benefit of getting feedback, help and probably some good hints and advices. On top of it, it shows the rest of the world, what I am doing and I hope it is so much fun browsing this site, as creating the things that is written about. So on top of it all: HAVE FUN!



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