Ninhursags messanger

Jonas dropped by with his new Nikon D90 and we went down to Offenbachs harbor. It came in handy as I had to shake off last nights exodus effects from having too much alcohol. This cold winter seems to tap new grounds for the animals. A red fox tried to sneak behind us inwardly but we saw him and for a short moment he sat down and stared at us. Later, when we took a small break at Hafen2, Mr. Reinecke passed outside shocking the gooses and the two sheeps on the lawn.

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    falk February 11, 2009

    Hi Judith, wie oben geschrieben, wars mehr oder weniger Glück, wie bei den meisten Schnappschüssen. Der Fuchs versuchte an uns vorbei zu schleichen und als wir ihn sahen, hat er sich für einen Augenblick hingesetzt und uns beobachtet – zum Glück lange genug, bis ich das Tele drauf hatte.

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