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stand by me

We reached Grimmen Camping near Bergen at around 3pm. As we would visit Bergen the other day we dropped our luggage, put on our hiking boots and took a path right beside the camping. After 2 hours of marching around, we came across that tunnel. Right before we left germany, Stand by me was on TV and those images of the four boys crossing that railway bridge when the train comes after them came to my mind. Ok, we got a tunnel, but the descicion to step inside was about the same. Here’s the scene, bye the way

water everywhere

Shortly before Sørfjorden that is known to be one of the fertile regions of Norway, because of the fjord following a north/south axis boosting a decent climate, we pitched our camp at Hildalcamping. Accompanied by the giant waterfall right across theE13, the concierge from the camping site told us of another waterfall, along the ancient Almannavegen, that started right behind the our cabin. This waterfall was one of the loveliest, along the way. Although not as big, as the others, it was nested in an seeminly unspoiled part of the woods.

godtholstjønn – no mans land

Half way along the E134 towards Bergen, we passed higher regions and reached Godtholstjønn – a little frosty, tundra like landscape. It is hard to capture this bizarre surrouundings in pictures. I made a panoramashot, but it still can’t transport that seldom feeling, standing in a totaly strange country, only wearing a t-shirt and with the feeds down in the snow. On this one, Nadine has found a great place to rest her mind and enjoy that very feeling.


The next day, we left Hirthals, aboard the Color Line Fairy “Speed2”, although the strom was still present. Big swell and winds up to 9 beaufort complicated these shots from of Hirtshals prot entrance taken on the ferries deck.

strom at hirtshals

Our trip to Norway started early that day and luckily we had no traffic jams and reached the ferry at Hirtshals quite early. A funny guy at the ColorLine counter greet us with a friendly “I’ve got bad news for you. The fairy is canceld due to rough sea.” We got a nice littel cabin at Dan Center near the harbour, dropped our luggage and went down to the beach. The storm was in full swing and I had trouble to keep sand and spray out of my camera, A garbagebag and a hair tie came in handy and yield in a nice protection.