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pleasing pheasant

Two years ago I had to move my office, out of the main building to the remote house a little set back on the companies property. The house was pretty run down and I was told to have office of my own. At first I was really shocked and kind of felt left alone, but it did not take long to get accustomed. The really good thing at my new spot is the window grants a view directly into the little woods. This area has been left alone for quite some time and so the nature and its inhabitants spread out. Daily visits from blue jays, squirrels and rabbits are a fine way of distraction from the daily routine.

For three weeks now, I have a new guy on the stage: Please welcome the pheasant. He had been around for quite some time, as I could hear his scream prior to spotting him. But the last two weeks, we kind of made friends. I had some birdseeds lying around, that I forgot to take home, so I pooped some out of the window, while he was down there. This had become some kind of ritual. He shows up, screams and I open up the window and feed him a little. Today the weather was finally good enough to bring my camera to take some pictures. I didn’t expect it to be that hard to get a decent shot. Belonging to the chicken race, this fellows head seldom stays in the same spot for more than a couple of milliseconds. These are the best shots of today and I hope there are more to come.