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Buzzard for lunch

It looks like I have a connection with buzzards. Even though it’s really cold today, I took my camera to work and went out into the field during my lunch break. After 15 minutes I was almost frozen and decided to call it a day and was about to tuck away my gear, but decided to do in the warmth of the office – I was lucky, because this buzzard was sitting at the bridge over the Nidda, right a the entrance of work. He was just tearing apart its prey, so it was lunchtime for him as well. I wouldn’t have noticed his sight if a large dog approaching, who was just taking his master for a walk, hadn’t stared at him as if spellbound. Suddenly he flew close to me and crouched in the tree above me. Well… pictures turned out to be quite nice portraits, but the gray weather, dull colors and the trees in the background dampen the experience. I need to practice more here.

dragonfly on the watchtower

Dragonflies are predators. In fact they help control the population of harmfull insects like mosiquitos. They can fly back an forth and even stall like helicopters. Their eyesight is 360° and they prefer to sit on higher grounds. So nature does have its killermachine up and flying…. good they do not get that big. Talking about sizes: I need to get a macro lens anytime soon…