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brute force

Catching flashes with my camera is always a big adventure. By viewing this shot it is obvious what I really need to improve… my own position. Spectacular as these shot may look, it lacks composition that is somehting that I can’t fix without retake. The big problem when shooting flashes is that a thunderstrom is right with you, most likely carrying tons of rain and so I need to get something to store the camera away safely. The roof of above the balcony at the Judohaus has served me quite well, but I was bound to stay there. Next year… probably.

flash…. ahaaaa

As I said before: this year we had all the weather spectacle you could imagine. When Alex said that we are not goning sit on the terrace that night, he was wrong. Equiped with an umbrella, two 2gb SD-Cards and the whole Budocan team in my back watching me. We actually stayed outside for about 3 hours in the heavy rain. I took pictures till both of my batteries were dead, leaving me with about 300 pictures. This is one of 5 that caught the act. And murphy was there as well: Whenever I was cleaning the lens, looking for a new angle or fiddling about the cam you can here comments like “Ahhh, that was great.” or “Did you see this”… off course not! Best flashes are not capturable… punktum!