I don’t know in how many countries “Biene Maja” is known, but as an essentially German story from Waldemar Bonsels from the 1920s, it is hard to surpass it, when growing up in Germany. I always liked the character of Flip the most. He was funny, had a chapeau and whenever something dangerous came around the corner, he was jumpign away with his infamous “Hü-hüpf!” cry. Well, in reality they have not battelcry and they definately don’t wear a hat, but they jump away at an remarkable pace and great distance.


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    james June 28, 2011

    Great pic! Flip rulez. but is it a grasshopper or a heuschrecke?

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    falk July 27, 2011

    I am not an expert, but as far as I could make it out of wikipedia this should be a grasshopper. It seems the definition is not quite clear either. On the previous pic which was shot the same day you can see a locust (Heuschrecke), which was by far bigger than the one up there.

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