Ghostly horse visit

My aunt invited the whole family to Chiddes, Saône-et-Loire, France, for her birthday party. My parents couldn’t come, though and as we just got married, they gave us the big house, they had rented. Our honeymoon, if you want. The first night at a new location is mostly not the one I’m gonna catch alot of sleep. At 3.a.m. I found the meaddow behind our house in dense mist and some sparkling stars from above shingin through. After I took a couple of pictures, I heard snuffle right beside me and when I turned around, that grey horse lady was right beside me, curious about what I was doing at this time. We became somewhat firends after that nightly encounter. Sorry for the unsharp image, but I broke my wireremote port and so I had to keep the button pressed by hand and count the seconds manually, but it puts everything in that fairy tale glare.

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