I never thought about taking pictures of animals at Friedrichsweiher. I have been living close to it for all my life and am well aware of its fauna, but somehow I always believed it is too busy with its playground, screaming kids and dog walkers that shouldn’t be there at all. Yesterday, when the weather picked up for a short time, I went there to shoot the young egyptian goose offspring, I noticed three weeks ago. The youngsters had already grown exceptionally well, although there were only 8 left, of the initial 9. Probably a stray cat or the fox that shows up from time to time got it. On the other hand: nine new goose is an impressive number for one family. The above mentioned conditions helped me very much. The animals were used to all that noise and scurried around them so that I could get very close to them. I stayed far enough away, not to disturb them in their routine, as many other people did. They thanked me with those pictures and both parents even stayed calm, when one of the toddlers almost was at my feet. 

A bat showed up as well, being quite early underway – it was about tea time – but I did not get a good shot. This needs more time an patience than I he’d left for this short trip.


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