No, not the millenium falcon, but a real one. La Palma is the island of falcons. Around barancos around our house we hat quite a few of them, but it was this one that kept me going. Every evening it sat down on a nearby pine. I had a hard time getting close to it and even this time, it saw me first, staring right into the cameras eye. A nice shot anyway.


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    where have cheapest world of w November 20, 2012

    Can you please email me the code for this script or please enlighten me in detail concerning this script?

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      Falk December 17, 2013

      The old software was called PixelPost and if the stupid Defensioplugin and the development would have progressed I would have stayed with it. Now this is the new site (obviously) and this runs on WordPress, as most do nowadays.

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