Alive and partly kicking

It is winter again and time has passed that quick and lazy me did not find the time nor the muse to update this blog.

Despite Nadine and me visiting Karins place on La Palma once more, I spent a couple of days in Neuruppin. Great site, nice people, bad weather.

On the technical side of life, I got an iPad and together with Simon and Julian – two friends I know from the BreakPoint and Mekka Symposium Parties – we started to work on our game again.

About 5 years ago, we started work on Wings of Fury clone for Mac.
It basically started off again when I met Simon on Skype while I was completly drunk on my annual birthday party. I had to wait till slow itunes had imported the music I wanted to play and so I sent him a short message saying something like: “We need to finish our game on iDevices”.

A few days later we had chat about switching the whole thing from 2D to 3D graphics and a the next weekend Simon presented us a basic version where you could fly around, drop bombs. At the beginning of December the three of us met at my place and worked for almost 3 days straigt and got quite far. The reactions of people we showed the game that far are all very positive. So despite the every year x-mas stress and parties going on I am struggling ditching my head into building 3D planes, probs and stuff for the game. A website will be up very soon too… so hang in there and remember the name “Pacific Showdown”.

Here’s a very early preview of the game – actually the state before our weekend.
Project Zero v03

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