Minicade burn-in test

We don’t need no water….. let the minicade burn. But I won’t.Whenever you work on sunday it is the same. Shops are closed and you are missing a little part, in order to carry on: Today, I wanted to install the cheap travelspeakers, I got from ebay. They run on 5V and I intended to go with a molex y-adapter, the common ones, you will find in every pc and also in my xbox. Down in the basement I found about 50 molex plugs, all female! So I will have to wait till tomorrow.Well, no molex so what now?

50°C on the inside 16°C on the outside… too hot for summerI ended up abusing my fathers all new weather station measuring the temperature inside the cab. Till now no fans or even slots or holes are made in order to get a better air circulation. After I put the external rc probe of the weather station in the cab and closed everything. I run it for aproximately two hours with mixed results.Whereas the CPU and GPU temperature of the xbox settled at about 60°c the overall temperature inside the cab was about 50°c. Probably too much for the old monitor and so I will make up my mind on adding a heat exhaust. I think I will countersink a fan into the top plate, like chris99 did it on his cabs.Sylvester and no molex… cross your fingers, that I will get one.

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