The other side

First of all, sorry for all those who posted comments and didn’t get them online. WPs notification didn’t work and I haven’t checked the comments as I was more or less used to write for my own. The failure was simple to get by: wordpress sends out emails using and so I had to log into my providers c-panel and generate this wordpress@ adress. Now it should work and I should get an email when you leave a comment.

sideart rightWeather is picking up, summer seems to hit germany and I feel my batteries recharging. I am solarpowered, you know. I was working on the other sidepanel of my minicade lately and wanted to show the progress. I will add logos of old computer systems on the bottom line, just as I did on the left side. I am not sure what to write…. Computers? Systems? Homerarcade? Any sugestions?

Next is the font style… I am thniking of something from the 80s, early 90s… something like Speedball or more like Storm Across Europe. The quality of the used covers is far from perfect. In the end I will need to brush up the resolution. Keep your fingers crossed.

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