Ok, this post should have been out for about two month now and MiniPONG had been on two “Exhibitions” so far. I let you down, my dear fellow readers (are there any?), but sometimes it is more important to get the thing done, than talk or write about it. Right? At least that’s how I tick. Despite that, it still is  a little rough around the edges and I was deliberating wether I should post the picture of the inside, as I already got  some harsh comments on it, but see for yourself.

Facts and production notes:

The whole cabin is made out of Forex© – foamed plastic boards 10mm thick (doubled 5mm) and pasted together with an appropriate glue. Wooden texture was printed on adhesive vinyl and scaled down to fit the dimensions. CPO is handcut 2mm alluminium plate brushed afterwards. Decals are standard waterdecals for RC- and modeling. Some clear film of transparent coating protects the decals from being rubbed off.

On the inside we have an Arduino UNO, hooked up to a 9″ black-white TV, two 10K potis, a pushbutton and some wires. The Arduino is fead with a hacked/adjusted version of Arduino-pong from Pete Lamonica.

At this point a big thanks must go to Björn, for helping me with building the cab, Thomas for fixing the code at some point, where I was once again too stupid to see.
Pete Lamonica for the original Arduino based Pong code. And off course Nolan Bushnell, for kickstarting it all. Thanks guys…






Still there are some things that need to be fixed:

– potentionmeters are logarithmic ones, so when your paddle reaches top or bottom, it gets slowed down
– testscreen showing up when turned on or resetted – needs to be removed
– ball angle needs to be resetted after scroing
– potentiometer for volume on TV is broken, only full throttle or nothing to hear…

Mini PONG had been to some shows:

@HomeCon 16 via – here it was still WIP

@VCFe 20121 via Heise

@VFCe 2012 via Load-Magazin

If you guys are interested in the plans and graphics for that project, drop me a line and I will rework them and put’em online.

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