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The icy grip of winter is still felt and with temperatures below 5 degrees in the evening, clouds and lots of rain, the whole of spring is slightly delayed. This wasp looked anything but fit when I found it. I placed her in the sparse rays of the sun and soon she was gone. Before that, she posed nicely for me.


One and a half woodlice

First foray into the macro world. Anyone who follows my posts knows that I’ve wanted a macro lens for a long time, but was always too stingy. With the prospect of grey, cold, wet winter days with little light and mood, I bought this Sigma used. Except for two test photos, it stayed in the closet because the little creepy crawlies don’t really like the bad weather either. Then yesterday, while I was putting the pot back on the balcony, I came across this isopod, which was either sitting next to half of its relative or had just shed its skin. Sometimes I’m glad that I’m a big person and that these creatures don’t meet me at eye level.