PNG and IE

As all you M$ users might notice, the borders of this blog are still a mess in IE. IE is killing my desings – as usual – and I will have to dig into *workarounds*. Yesterday I spent half day on that and in the end I was so fed up with it, that I almost lost interested in the whole blog again.

I found a couple of scripts. The one from TwinHelix just ads a behaviour to the stylesheet – couldn’t get it to work; the other one from Bob Osola just does, what it is supposed to, but kills all positioning – after I installed it, all my pngs where on top of the page. I will need more time tofigure this out.

Many of you creative people may have experienced “Arbeitsblindheit” (workblind) as we call it in german. You spent so much time and work on something, that in the end you don’t know weather you like it or not. Today, I just came back to it and I still like what I archived so far. That’s a good indication and I can pull some strength from it, to go on and teach stupid IE transparency, that sucker!

2 comments on “PNG and IE”

  1. ingo says:

    ein grüner himmel ??????
    um 17:00 Uhr ?

  2. admin says:

    For the Rest of us: I am colorblind – no joke. 😉

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