biosphere and eastern islands

Yesterday I spent the whole day, fiddeling with the layout and theme of this blog. As usual when it comes to do something for myself it is hard to come up with a good idea. I wanted something special, something new… basically what everyone wants to do, when starting out in new direction. At noon I got that certain feeling in my stomach, that it will take more than a day, to come up with an idea and bad vibes arose, as I basically I got nowhere by the evening. I hat a couple of sketches, with were totally rubbish. Slightly frustrated I decided to end work for today. On my way home, I pass vast fields and sun sent its beams right through the partly cloudy sky; only the big stone head from the Eastern Islands where missing; there it struck me: Being a big fan of these heads, stonehendge and mystical stony things stuck into ground I came up with this header desing. Hughe concrete letters rotting in the middle of nowhere.

“Why is it flash?”, I can hear you ask… mhhhh… should I really tell you that or maybe you find out by yourself. So much for now: Just come back later and see….

Still some CSS work todo – specially around the footer section, but enough for now. Happy, tired and almost content with the outcome of this day.

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