Rebrand a digital Book

I was invited to join the Flipper- and Arcade Museum booth at this years GamesCom. As much as I like the people and the atmosphere, it is really an exhausting experience to be on fairs in general and this one is even harder, with all it’s blinky lights and noise all over the place. so I only went for one day, but wanted to advertise the Digital Retro Park a little.
Senad was so kind to give me some space on his site and Stefan brought in 4 digital books, that he got somewhere from. Those books are basically a tiny screen hooked up with a media player and a speaker, all nicely tucked inside a hardcover booksleeve. As soon as you open the cover, the movie starts to play. Stefan wanted those to be rebranded for the DRP to hand out to potential donors, but I had different plans. 😉

First I hooked up the book to USB to find out that the internal RAM just behaves as usual USB drive – GOOD! Put on our teaser video and it worked like a charm.

I don’t felt like standing on Gamescom and handing people this book, show them the tease and take the book back, so I made a display stand out of it. Just bent the Cover in a 45° angle back and it would stand on its own. Great!

Some layout and forex work later, I ended up with a tiny display that would stand on its own and play the trailer in a loop. Best part about it: I glued some small but strong magnets to the back of the forex front and now you can take the whole thing off with just a gentle pull and you have the book again!

Arriving at Gamescom, I noticed that my tiny display will not make ANY impact at all… too much noise, too much blinky blinky and too many bigger things. Anyway, now we got it and there will be some good use in the future.

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