Alive and somehow kickin’

Puhh… where to start? So much has happened. My basement and room are getting cramped full of old hardware and I will try to present tese treasure to you as soon as I find the time and place to take proper pictures. It seems to be a fact: As sad as it is, I am getting old, somehow. At some part my computers seem to stand the test of time better than I do. Let’s go to the fridge and take a mouthful of retr0bright…probably that helps. 😉

Still some time is spent right on the forthcoming Bended Realities Festival, held in Offenbach. Hessi and me will present our digitalretropark idea in order to find some help considering the still-no-room-problematic. I prepared some nice little game of pong and hope that it will spread some fun among the visitors. The other part is giving an overview of alternative, independent games on modern devices. Take a look at our freshly started tumblr blog (German, off course – sorry).

As the BR festival was primary all about circuit bending and hacking away on synthiehardware it seems logical to set up some old-school hardware and show the history of sound visualistaion. Probably this will be a bit time consuming, in regard of all the other projects that I am involved there and so the good old Atari Video Music will be on spot, as it seems to be the first – and somehow even the last – of its kind in that lineage. Every year I will try to complete the family tree a bit more and add new hardware. This will save me time and keep the money  side of things down to a bearable level. For next year I am looking for an Atari Jaguar CDRom… if you happen to sell one, please let me know.

Lately I really find myself thinking about scrapping this blog and transfer all the content to tumblr., blogspot and the likes. I always keep crawling back to this blog and the whole template is so outdated, but having not stuck my nose into html for the last 6 years makes it somehow tideous and time consuming to start all over again… designer by heart, that I am, the design plays a major role for me. Let’s see, what this summer brings along… besides our baby 😉 Yeah, a little girl is underway and that will most likely eat the major part of time, and is not controlled by a joystick, nor has it a RUN/STOP-Key. 😉 That’s real life…

One comment on “Alive and somehow kickin’”

  1. James says:

    I do not care about the template here, keep on posting. content is all that matters!

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