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Well, well, well… where to start off? A lot of things have happened this year. First and foremost: I got married. After almost eleven years Nadine and me took the next step and are really happy.

As planning a party for 100 people is not an everyday task – especially when doing all things by yourself – a lot of time went into this “project”. We had big weeding, along with most of our friends and it really was a beautiful day and everything fell into place. In the end it turned out just perfect and as we wanted it to be.

The next big thing is that Hessi from HomeCon started to work on a concept for a computermuseum…. exactly what I was dreaming off. Reiner from FAO, Rami from CCM jumped in – two clubs, dealing with the same subject. Right before and after our wedding we put together a presentation for some people in the upper reaches of citiy management, to pitch our ideas and hopefully get some room and support. This was really a hard task with its peak at the last weekend, where we had a midsize booth at a local market in Hanau (city where we are trying to actualize our plans). You can find some impressions here. It looks like we providede much fun for the kids and most of the elder generation liked our idea. The timeframe was more than short, though and I did some promotional stuff, like flyer, posters and banners that you can find in the resource section soon.

Today, I finally touched ground and relaxed a little – off course not without pottering about some old computer stuff. I recently got some of my long sought after 8 bit computers from the UK, hence an Oric Atmos and an Acorn Electron. For the latter I found the original joysticks and tape recorder for a bargain price (p&p still is too much). The sticks are in good condition and seem to be very rare. One was missing the label and so I made a replica today. Here are some pics, showing the process.





Sticker Acorn Joystick (set of 3 on an A4 sheet)

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