Old Floppies and Basic Demos…

floppyDo you remember the first time you got in touch with a computer? Speaking for me I still know when it was and what it was like. I was about 10 years old – must be around 1985 – and it was at Alex’ (nowadays the man behind mobileread.com) place. His father is some kind of early geek and had the whole house stuffed with latest gadgets, so it was no surprise to find a brand new Commodore 128D there. It strucked me like lightning, when Alex grabbed a joystick and controlled that little, jaggy guy on screen. I knew I had to get such a wonder machine for myself.

Long before mom and dad said yes, Alex passed me a floppy disk – my first floppy disk ever – with list dump on its back, printed with the old MPS 801, that made such a noise that the whole street knew when you where printing something. I remember flailing this disk in front of my dad, till he finnaly went on to buy a C64. This was my step into computing and for sure one step to this blog.

A couple of years ago I converted all my disks to D64 format and preserved them on a CD. Recently I tripped over an announcement on c64.com asking for old disks. I uploaded my full archive to their server and couldn’t resist to browse a few of my fist files. My very fist disk was also in there and on it I found some basic animation, that I almost forgot about. Back, when it all was so new and exciting, those basic stuff tought me alot of programming – thanks to whoever made them. Now they seem to be some sort of first demos/intros, written in basic; a precursor to all those popular flash movies nowadays.

Feel free to grab this early ancestor of digital animation. >> Basic anims.d64.zip

And please support c64.com with your old disks.

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    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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