64DTV mac mini style

It is always the same: time is the missing factor – second must be the lack of knowledge that keeps my projects from beeing finished. The fact that I get easily bored when I figured out how somethong works must be final step for putting half finished stuff back into the drawer.

Right before HomeCon I found this old metalcase in dumpster at work. It looked like rugged version of an mac mini. My first thought that I just leave it at the dumpster but then I remembered the 64dtv that I never turned into a real computer and that it would fit in there quite well.

Along with a newly cut baseplate made of forex to mount the pcbs inside and with some help from our metalworkshop at work the holes for all the ports were cut in giving it the look of a real computer.

Back in 2006 I bought the 1541 III dtv from Pyroffer and never got it to work. After soldering the two joystickorts capeslock is always on when kicking into basic mode… strange problem I haven’t found a cure for both of this now. But at least the ports work. So some solderwork needs to be done, along with some checks – probably by someone who knows what’s going wr(on)g.

The sidepanel holding all the ports will propably be cut out by some professional service, as soon as I am done with the layout. Here you can see the first rough handcut version, missinv the SD slot for 1541 III.

Lets hope that time and lack of knowledge will not drive that one back into the drawer.

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