And it glows, glows, glows…

As promised, I got the lighting up and running. I bought a relative cheap kitchen light, one with a energy saving tube, that would normally go under a cupboard. Energy saving, because it’s not producing so much heat and it is better for the enviorment anyway. Needless to say it was 1cm to long when the plug was inserted. I ripped it apart and added a new plug that would loom out of one side.opened kitchenlamp
new plug… don’t ask how much time I spent to dismantel that plugthe new plug in place, everything shielded and ready to go.

I used some shrink tube to fix and secure the new plug. Some addionalt ape in place and it was ready to go. But first I had to get the plexi ready. I wanted to see the full effect and not just simply light up the lamp.

Using some rought emery paper on both sides the second plexi plate so that it became a soft frosted look (once again chris99 had the idea).

emery, emery on the plex….well… looks good

Everything fit together and set in place and here it is…. tatatataaaa.

first run, without graphic no graphics ready yet, so only a test on standard paper

I am not quite content with look. The paper I used for this test is of a cheap nature, directly off my laserprinter at work. I think it is something like 80g/m^2. Maybe I will need to add some white vinyl on the back on the frosted plexi or need to go with thicker paper….

Last thing I did today was spraying the front of my good old, beloved Commordore 1084. This was the first real monitor I got back in ’88 along with my Amiga 2000. It has been down in the basement for all those years and was fired up occasionally for some nostalgia. Now it will get a new life and hopefully live on for another 20 years. Here’s the sloppy masked front.

20 year old 1084 on its way to become a cabscreen

Until the first layer of paint dries in my basement, I will take a nap and will go on tomorrow… nighty, night.

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