Drinks of Tron – now with graphics

Well, well, well… today the side art for the mini fridge was ready and it looks good, although the plotter seemed to have some trouble with the high gloss laminat that I put on top. It slipped a bit and some milimeters of the boarder got cut off. It’s okay, as the right side is not perfect but accepatble and the left one is facing the cubboard anyway.

For the maquee I took an old Leitz plastic binder that I found lying around. In comparison to the acryl glass this is bit to thin an wobbly but will do the trick for now.

With lots of water and a bit of detergent I put/slid all the graphics in place, let them dry for two hours and removed the remaining bubbles.  Looks great.

The last thing missing is the lighting. I already ordered a fluorescent tube that should go in the marquee and actually wanted to put some LEDs on the inside. While looking for the right spot to mount them, I learned that there were another pair of tubes inside. So good news is that there is some space for it. If I only would have seen this prior to ordering, I would have ordered two more tubes. Now I will go the LED route and probably exchange the one on the marquee as well. The fridge itself is not the best eco-model, so adding light, just for the fun of it, should consume as few power as necesarry.

Enough for today.

IMG_3217 IMG_3218 IMG_3219 IMG_3221 IMG_3222 IMG_3224 IMG_3225 IMG_3226 IMG_3229 IMG_3230

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